Currently available pups…ADOPT your new best friend, today!

BARTHOLEMEW: 14wo n/m, CairnTerrier/Lab/BoxerX.(white & tan)-TOP

TEEKA: 16wo s/f BlkLab/PitX (Sable w/faint brindle on LT hip)-BELOW

BOTH are very sweet,outgoing and friendly, loving and playful, well-socialized with other dogs and kids & leash-trained
BART and TEEKA and Einstein 7secs


———————————————————————————————————————————————————————–AWESOME BOZ!   3yo Lab/PlotthoundX -SUPER-SWEET, FRIENDLY, & HOUSEBROKEN!  OBEDIENT! LOVES THE WATER!  NEEDS ROOM TO RUN, FAST! 6’h stockade fence or His person will need to be experienced and/or willing to go to obedience classes with him(because he is young and LOVES LIFE, yet understands what being ‘a well-mannered good boy’ requires, RURAL environment. WOULD MAKE A MOST EXCELLENT  RUNNING/HIKING BUDDY!!


TRIXIE: 7yo pb Beagle. Housebroken. Healthy. Happy, gentle soul with a lovely personality. Very devoted to her person/people. Given up by her owner after 7yrs because their allergies had became increasingly severe over the years. WELL-cared for and much loved, so her attitude and ability to trust and love is excellent! OK with kids, cats & other dogs!—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

LUCY-3yo pb Redbone Coonhound. Crate-trained. Housebroken, Friendly and gentle. Loves kids! Rescued from 3yrs of being chained to a box in the woods. LOVING, and wants/willing to have a chance to be an integral part of a family pack. Sweet and kind-hearted. Crate-trained for nights. AN AVID HUNTER, so will NEED to have some supervision and a safe place to RUN & CHASE CRITTERS!!!!!!         ————————————————————————— CACHE & PAYTON
THE AWESOME BROTHERS! Super SWEET, GENTLE SPIRITS! CRATE-TRAINED! LOVING and friendly, get along well with all sizes & breeds of dogs & older respectful kids. Not good with cats or birds nor Type A personalities/stressed-out, angry/aggressive humans! MELLOW DUDES just wanna have fun, be loved & love being with their person!