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CHLOE-8yo f/s, micro-chipped and 100% healthy. HOUSEBROKEN. Walks well on-leash….would make an excellent ~1mi walking companion 2X day on wooded trails…no city life nor loud, highly-active children under 12yo for this sweet-pea=too loud/energized for her comfort. Gets along well with other adult dogs, though would prefer to be an ‘the only OR 1 of pack of 2’ pet household. Prefers her own food dish and a soft, safe and warm place to lay her head INDOORS at night. Enjoys being outdoors, only on nice days in secured fenced-in backyard. Prefers to be with her person. LOVES to hang with her person in the yard. Rides well. CAN be a ‘couch potato’ IF allowed. DEVOTED! But, has experienced neglect in her past=gentle, but an old soul.

Happy to be acknowledged/an integral part of her person’s daily life and sleep on bed/next to bed, at night. 

Adoption fee: $95(includes spay/micro-chip, current on yrly vax, heart worm & flea/tick prevention, Martingale collar and matching 6′ leash, beef knee cap bone, ‘Rescued Dogs Rock’ car magnet and 2 ‘pet alert; wallet cards).                                                                        This rescued pup is in & will remain in foster care in Rutherfordton, NC until her adoptive home is approved. Many videos and updated pix are available upon request.                        Meet/greets are welcome on an ‘appointment only’ basis. OR, may be able to meet you at a common place where there would no distractions in the Tryon/Columbus, Hendersonville, MtnHome, Asheville, Shelby, Morganton & Hickory, NC area.                                               Will be happy to test with cats, upon request.                                                                                  To apply to adopt: www/ ….then, copy and paste JUST THE APPLICATION in to a new email, answer all questions thoroughly(the more detailed, the better your chances are of being approved), including EMAIL ADDRESSES for your 3 UNrelated personal references and your vet’s contact info. AN INCOMPLETE application will be discarded.                                                                                                         ——————————————————————————————————————————–








REGGIE-2yo m/n, Chihuahua…rescued from wandering the rural roads of Rutherford Co, NC for more than a year, being fed at different back doors, until the ‘scent of a woman’ lured him off to the next set of free meals before a kind woman(with 2 older unaltered females) tried to add him to her pack but felt he was too young and really couldn’t afford a vet bill, so she contacted Howlin4Spirit and asked us to help him find the right, loving home. 

Very loving once he learns he can trust you. Housebroken, crated-trained but prefers his own bed beside or IN yours. Gets along best with female fur-buddies, because of recent neutering, but his testosterone-induced past is behind him and has been getting along much better with H4S’s adult males. GREAT companion for an active single woman or retired couple, rides well in the car, wants to be included. Perfect walking companion for leisurely walks on-leash or loose in a secured fenced-in backyard, enjoys being with his person inside and outside..i.e. happy gardening companion. Reggie’s rear legs have subluxated patellas, but he gets around great(he’s young), doesn’t stop him from being part of the pack chasing squirrels.

Adoption fee: $95-includes neuter, micro-chip, utd on yrly vax(Rabies, Parvo-Distemper/Lepto, Bordatella), parasite-free, current on heart worm and flea/tick prevention, health certificate, 3lbs current dry food, Martingale collar and matching 6′ leash, beef knee cap bone.

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 BUSTER: 3yo m/n, pb Beagle  Rescued from hunting in a rural farming community for 3 months without any safe, warm place to call ‘home’.  The neighborhood liked him, but no one wanted to give him a home because he got into everyone’s trash. When H4S rescued him, a a rather gruff senior cat lover had him secured under a plastic container for over 12 hrs, holding him until a ‘solution’ could be found. So, he was scared & thirsty and yet willing to trust and apparently was a good ‘garbage hound’ as he was as wide as he was long. DEVOTED! FRIENDLY yet humble. HANDSOME young man! Short with strong bones. Neutered, micro-chipped, all vax, on heart worm and flea/tick prevention. 100% healthy.  And, ready to make an active(daily hikes/walks-no dog parks=too overwhelming), calm and gentle person a loving companion animal.                                                                            ========================================================================
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